Renewing your mind means learning to recognize what comes from hell, and what comes from heaven. Think about this in order to be of any use to the Kingdom, our minds must be transformed. We find a clue to what that word means in the transfiguration of Jesus when he talked with Moses and Elijah. The reality of heaven radiated through Jesus, and He shone with incredible brilliance. His body revealed the reality of another world.

The word transformed in that passage is the same word we find in Romans 12:2. The renewed mind, then, reflects the reality of another world in the same way Jesus shone with heaven’s brilliance. It’s not just that our thoughts are different , but that our way of thinking is transformed because we think from a different reality . . . from heaven toward earth! That is the transformed perspective. The renewed mind enables co-laborers to prove the will of God. We prove the will of God when put on display the reality of heaven.

The unrenewed mind, on the other hand, brings about a completely different manifestation read Jeremiah 9:19. In Pastor, Dicks book How to Live and Keep from Dying he addresses the issues regarding what is of God and what is not and how to have a renewed mind that is transformed to prove the will of God.


Word for Today:  July 29

There are two kinds of faith.

First, there is Natural Faith and secondly, there is Supernatural Faith.

Natural Faith is based on what we see (our senses) and Supernatural Faith is based on what God Says.  Thomas exercised natural faith.  He would not believe (have faith) unless he saw the evidence.  He heard that Jesus was alive, but he refused to believe it unless he actually saw Him.  This is natural faith.

Abraham, on the other hand, exercised supernatural faith.  Abraham determined to believe (have faith) regardless of what he saw or felt.  His “senses” were not consulted.  He chose to Believe God.

Most believers are living in the realm of natural faith.   They tend to believe only what they can see.  They are subject to their senses and are dependent on natural facts.  Natural faith operates only in the realm of the visible, the…

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