Best FriendsHi and welcome to my blog called “You are not a trash can” I know that is a very strange name for a blog but I believe that after I write a few posts it will all make sense to you. The idea for this blog came to me while someone who is close to me was telling me how her boyfriend was treating her and without even thinking I blurted out “you’re not a trash can” and then the jokes and laughter began we laughed until we cried and for a while she forgot what she was going to tell me and our conversation took a different direction. All I have to say is you’re not a trash can, or a dumpster, nor a trash compactor. You can dump the trash.

This is my disclaimer to my friends and family I love you all and the posts that I write are just random and have nothing to do with any of my relationships. I am not writing with any one person or situation in mind. I write what comes to me as I go through my day. If something I write strikes a chord within you then it is just a coincidence but do yourself a favor and seek out some help.


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