Every Relationship Has A Higher Calling

Celebrate The Sweet Life

Trash the dress photoWhether it is clearly visible or not , every relationship has a higher purpose than itself alone; a meaning that goes beyond the conventions of love and romance, and attaches the two people in it to a destiny that has roots in the past and wings in the future.

The purpose is to shape us individually into the highest and best versions of ourselves and to change, if only in some tiny way, the essential character of the reality we have entered her by being born. To know this is to believe that whatever occurs between you, the petty dramas and traumas, the life shaping tragedies is honing you for your unique participation in the human stream. It is to accept the person you love has come into your life for a reason that goes beyond the sanctification of the moment or even your personal future to reach into the web of time beyond time. 

What you do here together, how…

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