Love Calls For Compromise

Celebrate The Sweet Life

Dress For Your SweetheartSome yeses have to become no. Some noes have to turn to yes. Some pleasures have to be foregone. some have to be accepted. Some nights have to wait till morning. Some morning have to imitate the night. 

Some spontaneity has to become scheduled.Some schedules have to be put off. Some headaches have to be respected. Some aspirin has to be taken. All love is warm. some love is hot. Two partner scorching with fever can melt into each other without getting burned. But each of us has differing amounts of fuel. One person’s may flare up more often than his or her sweethearts or with greater intensity.

These inequalities have nothing to do with the quality of a person’s love. They’re the same, but they’re different, which is a dilemma that has no answer, except that the answer is love. Love calls for compromise.

If two people can’t balance on the seesaw, then one has to move closer…

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