Timing In Relationships Is Everything

Celebrate The Sweet Life

A Vintage EngaementTiming in relationships is a funny thing and yet it  is the mystical part  of any relationship that refers to when things happen. It’s the perfect moment , the magical conjunction of events, the folding of together of one person’s movement through time with another’s in perfect harmony.

Relationships  themselves, and every event, behavior, and action within them, have their own image and perfect timing. Just as the ideal mate often shows up only when you’ve completely given up on ever falling in love again, so it is that within the sacred walls of a relationship there are perfect moments for everything, a choreography of timing that can either support or detract from the grace of your relationship.

Sensitivity about timing adds grace to any union. If, together, you don’t cultivate this sensitivity, you’ll be continually jamming up against the differences in your time frames, saying the emotionally loaded thing…

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